“Julia is genius! She can help with everything from back pain, to neck pain to female cramps.”



"Dr Hernandez is very knowledgeable and professional.  I saw her regularly during my 2nd pregnancy and didn't have the horrible back pains I had during my 1st pregnancy."

-Jen F. 


“Dr. Julia and her staff - Karina and Veronica - are simply awesome! They are welcoming and friendly. Dr. Julia is very caring, thorough, and patient. In addition, the office has a peaceful and soothing ambiance.”

-Sal S.


“I've had a couple of sessions for my plantar fasciitis and achilles tendonitis. So far it was helpful and helped relive my knots and tension (in combination with physical therapy).”

-Elizabeth G.


“The acupuncture and cupping have softened the "rocks" in my shoulders, and I feel relief after each visit.”

-Sabrina C.


"I was very impressed with the thorough exam, acupuncture session, and the quality of the massage therapy."

-Sheila F.


"The staff were warm & welcoming. Julie was very nice & listened to my concerns. She designed a treatment ideal for me.”

-Markeyshia J.


"I loved it, woke up this morning feeling so relaxed and slept straight through the night.. I can't wait to go back."

-Jill H.



“After the first session, I had better range of motion in my neck. Since then I have been back twice and each time there is a less tension/swelling and better range of motion. For the first time in years I can see over my shoulder without turning my whole body.”

-Heather D.


“My neck and shoulder have been locked and in pain for a while and within 10 minutes after the treatment I was already feeling relief. I’ll definitely go back.”

-Kellie A.


“As a health care professional and chronic back pain sufferer, I can confidently say acupuncture and cupping with Julia Wu is my only guaranteed source of relief.”

-Beckz X.


“In 1 single session, was able to reduce my swelling and pain by half!”

-Tara C.



“Not only did she help me get pregnant, she helped me lose my baby weight! 20 pounds in 4 months!”

-Caroline W.


Chronic Conditions:

“I have been having terrible migraines that three neurologists, two brain scans, and countless prescriptions and remedies couldn't fix. I have to say that after just one session of acupuncture with Julia, I have been headache free for the past two weeks!”

-Deborah C.

“I went for acupuncture for tendonitis. I was treated very professionally and had great improvement in my elbow. Julia knows medically what she is doing and seems very caring.”

-Jill M.


“I've suffered from relentless allergies and severe congestion for the better part of my 20+ years. Prescriptions and neti-pots did barely anything to fix it. I came across Simple Health Acupuncture on Groupon, and have been thoroughly pleased with my decision to continue seeking treatment through them.”

-Paul D.



“The acupuncture and cupping have softened the "rocks" in my shoulders, and I feel relief after each visit.”

-Sabrina C.


“It's actually very painless, I didn't even know when the needles went in!”

-Claudia Z.


“I've had bed ridden back pain and coming to Simple Health Acupuncture fixed me all the way into having no pain.”

-Cassandra S.



"I had been having pain for months. After 6 visits with Dr Hernandez, I was happily out of pain.  She estimated 6 visits, and I was feeling better within the first 3-4."

- Saryn C.


"My neck and lower back injuries don't have a chance against Dr. Hernandez."

- Melissa B.


"I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Hernandez when she was a student intern and I was her supervising doctor. It is with great pride that I recommend Dr. Hernandez, she is an incredibly skilled doctor as well as diagnostician. She listens to the patient, offers not only her knowledge but great compassion in her care."

- Richard F.


"Dr. Hernandez is a gentle, effective Chiropractor. She listens to symptoms and offers thoughtful feedback and stretch techniques to get you back on track."

- Melissa M.


"Dr. Hernandez is AWESOME!!!"

- Maria J.


Dr. H is simply the BEST. She is very knowledgeable and is especially helpful for sports injuries.


- Andrea W.



"...Then there is Shannon. She is an amazing massage therapist. She knows just how much pressure to give to be the most beneficial in healing your body...I'm thinking this has to do with her thorough understanding of anatomy and injury. Shannon fixes spots I don't even know need fixing!"


-Melissa B.


“April has a real passion for massage. She got all of my knots out, even in my glutes.”

-Heather H.


“…you might find that your massage therapist has tattoos all over her body. This is OK. Trust me, she's probably the BEST massage therapist ever.”

-Nicole Q.


“Kristin, my massage therapist is just amazing. She's been doing my prenatal massage for the past couple months, and I couldn't be happier.”

-Jessica A.


“Best massage ever!”

-Samantha C.


Herbal Medicine:

“I'd been struggling with some very stubborn digestive problems and my doctor had tried putting me on lots of different medications to resolve them, to no avail. After working with Julia on that as well as some other health issues, I'm finally feeling relief and even getting my energy back.”

-Karole F.


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