The Why of Massage

While most people often correlate massage with spa-like pampering, it can be utilized for many more reasons than relaxation. Most frequently massage is used to treat chronic or acute pain. The pain can be generalized, felt throughout the majority of the body. Or it can be specific, possibly injury related. Finding a therapist that can comprehensively understand the nature of your condition will allow your treatment time to be used to provide maximum benefit to your therapy. Other conditions that massage can assist in providing relief from include, but are not limited to; fibromyalgia, arthritis, edema, sciatica, shoulder and hip mobility, headaches, high blood pressure, TMJ, plantar fasciitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

How We Work 

Here at Simple Health, our main priority is providing you with the best treatment possible. Our therapists are highly trained and are equipped with a multitude of techniques and extensive knowledge in their field. We believe that massage therapy really can improve the lives of those who utilize it as part of their wellness regimen. Each session you spend with your therapist will be spent with great emphasis on improving your overall well-being. We are constantly looking to learn more and stay up-to-date on any pertinent information that allows us to continue to evolve our practice. When you come to us for treatment, rest assured, your health is our paramount concern.