Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine Long Beach CAThe use of herbs for medicinal treatments can be traced back through most of human history, and is still in wide spread use today.  Modern herbal medicine is a refined combination of art and science.  In many ways herbal medicine is simply a natural form of many modern medications.  This also means that there are significantly fewer side effects than over the counter medications.  As with all Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbal medicine treats the root of the problem.  It does not simply mask or alleviate the symptoms. 

Not all herbal medicines are created equally.  There can be a significant difference in the potency, purity and authenticity of different herbal medicines.  This is why we have taken great care to provide herbs that have been laboratory tested for authenticity, potency and purity.  We only use herbal medicine that contains pharmaceutical grade extracts.  

Despite the great care in selecting the highest quality herbal medicine it is still often times more cost effective than prescription or even over the counter drugs.  When you factor in the potential health risks associated with many prescription drugs, the cost of herbal medicine is even lower.