Cosmetic AcupunctureCosmetic acupuncture is the perfect option for someone who is looking to bring out their natural beauty without surgery, botox, chemical peels, or dermal fillers.  It is an all natural treatment with few to no side effects, and when performed correctly, almost no recovery time is needed. 

The average facelift runs around $11,000, what with the cost of anesthesia and operating room facilities involved. The average cost of botox is around $600 per treatment per area (e.g. cheeks, forehead, brow lines are all considered separate areas), with the results of botox typically lasting between three to four months.  In comparison, cosmetic acupuncture is more cost effective than either plastic surgery or botox.  In fact, in most cases, acupuncture is the most cost effective, and better long term cosmetic solution on the market. Because it has none of the risks or down time associated with surgery or Botox, and with proper care and maintenance, will have the longest lasting results. 

The fundamental mechanism behind Acupuncture and Chinese medicine is to help the body heal itself.  In cosmetic acupuncture, this is achieved with not only needling, which stimulates more blood flow to the intended area, triggering build-up of natural collagen, and allowing faster turnover of cells, but also with facial cupping, cellulite cupping, nutritional counseling, and more modern techniques such dermal rolling/micro-needling.  Although the foundation of acupuncture is thousands of years old, there are new treatments being developed to conquer the age old war on aging.  The results bring sustainable natural beauty from the inside out.