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Moxibustion - what is it and why is it done?

When I was still studying Chinese medicine, and practiced using moxa on my mother, she said, “Don’t do this the first time you see someone, it is too weird.” I generally follow this rule. When people try acupuncture, they are expecting to receive acupuncture, but usually not expecting other Chinese medicine practices. Having plant matter burned over your skin may seem a bit strange. While many Acupuncturists and East Asian medicine practitioners use it in their practices, many do not. I use it in my practice, almost every day. Because it is little understood, let’s discuss what exactly it is, and its purpose.

We've all had that feeling--it's Friday morning, the turkey's been demolished, the mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, and pies, oh the glorious pies, are now sitting heavy in your tummy, weighing you down. But buck up! Don't let the tryptophan get you down! Here are some tips on how to recover from all that holiday overindulgence.

Thanksgiving is a time when family and friends gather to enjoy a nice dinner and reflect on all that they have to be thankful for. Although we shouldn't wait until then to be reminded of all that we have, it is a great time to enjoy a day surrounded by those closest and dearest to you. For me personally, this is one of my favorite times of the year. My family lives in Northern California which means I don't get to see them as often as I'd like and even when I do it's usually just my immediate family. However, for Thanksgiving I typically get to see all of my family which includes about 40 relatives, all gathered at my mother's or my grandmother's home. You would think after living away from my family for over 18 years I would be use to not seeing them as often but the truth of the matter is, I don't think I'll ever get use to it. My family has been my biggest supporters and I would not be in the position I am today if it wasn't for their unconditional support and love. I am blessed and happy to have amazing friends here who are like family in addition to my patients who after 9 years in practice have also become family.

Many times when I see a new patient, they tell me they are finally trying acupuncture, having meant to for years, but they have been too afraid. I hear this repeatedly from people. Many who have piercings, tattoos, and no issues with venipuncture (blood being taken). I believe this fear stems from the unknown. Something new. Or perhaps some find it terrifying to lie on a table, alone, with needles inserted.

It seems like 2017 flew by in a blur! Did you know that there are less than 3 months left till the end of the year? For most of our patients who use their insurance benefits, from now until the end of the year is a critical time. The reason is that most insurance renew on January 1st, at the start of each calendar year. While this may mean your allowed visits will renew, this also means that whatever you have not used up from this year disappears! Not only that, if you have a PPO insurance, keep in mind that your deductible will most likely also renew on January 1st!

The month of October is upon us and I am reminded of a certain tradition we did as kids.  Carving pumpkins was a fun way to express our creativity.  We had our pumpkin carving kit that came with a tool that really didn’t work as well as we thought. There was a point where my mom had to step in and help us and it really was a struggle and quite painful for the wrist. If you are a parent or just simply like to carve pumpkins for decoration, suffering with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome can definitely deter you from this common tradition.

Insomnia is something nearly all of us have experienced at some time in our life. It can be an acute or chronic problem, and can greatly impact the way we experience life. An acute bout of insomnia lasts from a single night to a couple of weeks, and is often from stress or anxiety about work, school, an upcoming exam or public speech, or due to a traumatic event. Chronic insomnia is a long term problem that has been on going for more than 6 weeks; it can have detrimental health consequences and is associated with serious medical conditions and inflammation in the body. Chronic insomnia may be caused by a medical or psychological problem, and it is important to have more severe health issues ruled out, such as sleep apnea.

Want to get in those 10,000 steps a day, but your knees don't want to oblige? Do you often exercise, but find that with age and time, your knees don't seem to want to keep up with you? Well, you may have a syndrome called "Runner's Knee." Characterized by pain, soreness, loss of range of motion, swelling in and around the joint, and overall discomfort, Runner's Knee is actually a slight misnomer, because it can happen to just about anyone.


Texting has become a way of life for majority of the population and with it seem to come headaches, neck and shoulder pain. Text neck syndrome is the term coined to describe the symptoms associated with being in a hunched over, head flexed position frequently and for too long. If you're like most Americans, you're probably guilty of spending too much time on your phone, tablet or laptop. The over use of these devices influences our posture since we are typically hunched over which causes an increase of stress on the neck and surrounding musculature.


Lifestyle and diet are major players in cold and flu prevention. It is all too easy to get into poor habits and stay up too late or choose a less nutritious meal, but these choices can take a hefty hit on your immune system. A healthy lifestyle begets a healthy body. If you are getting adequate sleep, exercise, daily sunlight and eating a healthy diet, you are off to a great start for cold and flu prevention. Hand washing is another no-brainer. Refraining from touching your face and not smoking are other ways to help improve your resistance. A less obvious preventative tip comes from Chinese wisdom, wearing a scarf!